Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Ol' Clogging!

Kryshna and Hailee had a clogging recital last night at the High School. Kryshna is on 2 teams, one of which is a couples team and they are super cute! Hailee's team performed to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". They turned all the lights off and just had black lights on the stage. The girls wore their white petticoat over their dress, white gloves, white socks, and glow in the dark ribbons in their hair so only the white things glowed and it looked really cool. You girls rock!

He was a skater boy....

Kyler does try to use his skateboard that he got for Christmas, he has mastered tipping it up and also sitting on it and riding it. DUDE, your AWESOME!!

Billvia's 41st Birthday!

Bill's B-day was February 16th. Happy Birthday Old Man! I love you!


Happy Valentines Day!
I sent things to the kids at school and they were excited!Valentines Breakfast

I love you kiddos!

McCall Trip

Mom and Dad rented a condo in McCall in January and we had a blast! We went sledding on the last day.
Kyler was tired of walking back up the hills.So, Popi saved the day!

Popi decided to try this hill...

"Mom, can I smile like this?"

Little Bruceter asked me this question when I was trying to get a nice picture of him at Christmas. You gotta love this kid!


Yup, we still sled on Memorial Hill and have a BLAST!!!


Here are a few Christmas Eve and Christmas pictures I am FINALLY getting to...

Nani and Popi had a surprise visitor come to their house on Christmas Eve!

Then the grandkids acted out the Nativity with Karley as narrator.

We have a tradition of opening 1 present on Christmas Eve, but the kids know that it is ALWAYS.....


Christmas Morning - Krysh with her cell phone and Karley's MP3

Kayden and Kyler with their remote control 4 wheelers

Mama Mia and Twilight!

Can anyone say "Hospital Visit"?

Then we went to Nani and Popi's for more presents. I made this for Hailee on an old window from Great Grandma and Grandpa Frank's home.
I made these for Chels and I love the way the clock turned out. The saying on the board says:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!

I made Dad a picture of Joseph Smith recieving the Priesthood with Dad's line of Authority over the top of it on vellum paper. I also made him a mouse pad and a movie with our most recent family pictures that Marilyn took of us. I will try to post the movie later.
We then went back to our house to spend the rest of the night with Bill's family.

This is Shawn and Erika's baby Caleb.

Kyler kept calling him Uncle Baby Caleb!
MaryAnn, Chase and Dave.
B.J. and Maggie
We had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Weiser 1st Ward Christmas Party

Our Christmas party this year was wonderful! We had an awesome activities commitee who actually put some thought into the theme! It was "Picture a Christmas". 5 of the larger families in the ward were given a Norman Rockwell painting to set up in these HUGE frames that some awesome Brothers in the ward made. Our family was given the painting of the mother holding the turkey over the table and everyone Ooohing and Ahhing over it. Santa was awesome, but Kyler still would not sit on his lap, so no picture of him AGAIN this year.
Kayden Joseph
Kryshna Shae
Karley Dawn
Our version of the picture. Mom and Dad are standing and Lula, Dustin, Hailee and Myself are sitting around the table. After we "posed" for our picture, we sang "Over the river and through the woods" to go along with our "picture". It was fun!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Primary Cookies!

I have been the Primary Chorister since January of this year and absolutely love it! To get the kids to learn the songs a little better, I gave them a CD with all the songs on it and told them to listen to them every week. For every time that they listened to the CD, they would get to put a bean in their "music jar" every Sunday. I told them when they filled up their jars, they would get a surprise! They finally filled their jars right before their primary program, so I ordered a cookie cutter shaped as a music note and made 100 sugar cookies!! I had flour, frosting and chocolate sprinkles from one side of my kitchen to the other! It was so worth it to see these smiling faces!!

Junior Primary

Senior Primary
I love these kids so much and am so proud of the AWESOME job they did at this years Primary Program! Always remember: You are all Children of God - Keep singing!